Nazara Technologies To Raise Rs 100 Crore From Zerodha’s Kamath Brothers; Shares Hit 52-Week High


In a notable development within the Indian tech and gaming industry, Nazara Technologies has announced its plans to raise Rs 100 crore through an investment by the Kamath brothers, founders of Zerodha, one of India’s leading stockbroking firms. This strategic investment comes as a significant boost for Nazara Technologies and has pushed its shares to a 52-week high. In this article, we will delve into the details of this investment and its implications for both companies.

The Investment Deal

Nazara Technologies, a leading mobile gaming and sports media company in India, has revealed its intent to raise Rs 100 crore from Nikhil Kamath and Nithin Kamath, the founders of Zerodha. This investment will be made through their family office and represents a strategic move to expand Nazara’s presence in the gaming industry.

Nazara Technologies, with its portfolio of popular games and sports content, has witnessed rapid growth in the Indian gaming market. The company has been actively pursuing investments and acquisitions to strengthen its foothold in the gaming ecosystem.

Implications of the Investment

Capital Infusion: The Rs 100 crore investment will provide Nazara Technologies with additional capital for expansion and strategic initiatives. This capital infusion will be instrumental in furthering the company’s growth and diversification efforts.

Strategic Alignment: The investment by the Kamath brothers signifies a strategic alignment between two significant players in the Indian tech and finance sectors. It may open up opportunities for collaboration and synergy between Nazara’s gaming expertise and Zerodha’s fintech prowess.

Boost to Indian Gaming Industry: The investment highlights the growing potential and attractiveness of the Indian gaming industry. It may encourage further investments and partnerships in this sector, fostering innovation and competition.

Market Sentiment: Nazara Technologies’ shares hitting a 52-week high reflects the positive sentiment surrounding the company’s growth prospects. It can also attract the attention of investors and analysts, potentially leading to further share price appreciation.

Diversification: For Zerodha’s founders, this investment represents diversification beyond the traditional stockbroking business. It showcases their interest in emerging sectors and their confidence in Nazara Technologies’ growth trajectory.


The Rs 100 crore investment by the Kamath brothers into Nazara Technologies is a significant development in India’s tech and gaming landscape. It underlines the potential and attractiveness of the gaming industry in the country and demonstrates the strategic vision of both companies. Nazara Technologies is well-positioned to leverage this investment for further expansion and innovation, while Zerodha’s founders are diversifying their investments into promising sectors. As the Indian gaming and tech ecosystem continues to evolve, collaborations and investments like this one are likely to drive growth, competition, and innovation in the industry.

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