The non-governmental organization (NGO) that assumed control of RMC’s cattle pound is seeking assistance from the government.

In a cost-effective and resourceful move, a non-governmental organization (NGO) assumed control of the cattle pound on Bhavnagar Road in early October 2022. This transition was the result of a competitive bidding process, where the NGO offered the lowest grant for the maintenance of cattle impounded by the civic body. This innovative approach not only highlights the importance of public-private partnerships but also demonstrates the potential for NGOs to contribute significantly to civic maintenance efforts.

The Competitive Bid

The process that led to the NGO taking over the cattle pound was marked by a competitive bidding system. The civic body, in need of an efficient solution for maintaining the cattle pound, invited bids from various organizations. The NGO, committed to both animal welfare and cost-effective solutions, emerged as the winning bidder by proposing the lowest grant for this endeavor.

Animal Welfare at the Forefront

The transition of the cattle pound to the NGO signifies a heightened commitment to animal welfare in the community. This organization is dedicated to ensuring the proper care and well-being of the impounded cattle, addressing concerns about their treatment and living conditions.

Cost-Efficiency for Civic Maintenance

One of the most notable aspects of this transition is the emphasis on cost-efficiency in civic maintenance. By selecting the NGO with the lowest grant request, the civic body has not only ensured quality care for impounded cattle but has also managed its resources prudently.

Public-Private Collaboration

The partnership between the civic body and the NGO exemplifies the potential of public-private collaboration. NGOs often bring unique perspectives, innovative ideas, and a strong sense of social responsibility to such ventures. This collaboration can yield mutually beneficial outcomes and contribute to the overall welfare of the community.

Community Impact

The successful takeover of the cattle pound by the NGO has already begun to make a positive impact on the community. It provides a secure and humane place for impounded cattle, assures proper care and attention, and ensures the smooth functioning of civic services.

A Model for Future Collaborations

This pioneering initiative serves as a model for future collaborations between governmental bodies and NGOs. It showcases the potential for resourceful, cost-effective solutions that benefit both public services and community welfare.


The transition of the cattle pound on Bhavnagar Road to an NGO is a testament to the power of competitive bidding, innovation, and public-private partnerships. By prioritizing animal welfare and cost-efficiency, this move demonstrates that NGOs can play a pivotal role in civic maintenance and contribute positively to the well-being of communities. It sets a precedent for similar collaborations in the future, encouraging organizations to come forward with innovative solutions to address pressing societal challenges.

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