Ocean Welfare Foundation Extends a Lifeline to Delhi Flood Victims

Noida, India – In the wake of the recent devastating floods in Delhi, Ocean Welfare Foundation, a non-governmental organization committed to social welfare, has launched a comprehensive flood relief program to provide immediate assistance to the affected communities.

The heavy monsoon rains have left many parts of Delhi submerged, displacing thousands of families and causing extensive damage to homes and livelihoods. Ocean Welfare Foundation recognizes the urgency of the situation and has mobilized its resources to offer vital support to those in need.

Key Highlights of the Relief Program:

Emergency Relief Kits: The foundation is distributing essential relief kits containing food, clean water, blankets, hygiene products, and other necessities to affected families in the worst-hit areas.

Medical Camps: To address health concerns arising from the flood, the organization has set up medical camps to provide immediate medical attention and essential medicines.

Temporary Shelter: Ocean Welfare Foundation is working to establish temporary shelters for families who have lost their homes, ensuring they have a safe place to stay during this crisis.

Psychosocial Support: Recognizing the emotional toll that natural disasters can have on individuals, the foundation is providing psychosocial support and counseling services to help people cope with trauma.

Community Outreach: The organization is actively engaging with the community to assess their evolving needs and ensure a targeted response to the ongoing crisis.

Spokesperson of Ocean Welfare Foundation, expressed the organization’s commitment to alleviating the suffering caused by the floods, saying, “Our hearts go out to the people affected by this natural disaster. Ocean Welfare Foundation is dedicated to providing immediate relief and helping these communities get back on their feet. We believe in the strength of collective efforts, and we are calling upon individuals and businesses to join us in this critical relief mission.”

Donations and support for this flood relief program can be made through the Ocean Welfare Foundation website www.owf.org.in contacting their helpline at 0120-4091-619.

Ocean Welfare Foundation has a strong track record of community engagement and disaster relief efforts, and their dedication to social welfare is at the forefront of their response to the Delhi floods.

About Ocean Welfare Foundation:

Ocean Welfare Foundation is a non-governmental organization based in Noida, India, dedicated to improving the lives of communities through various social welfare programs. Committed to making a positive impact, the foundation works tirelessly to provide relief and support in times of crisis, with a focus on disaster management, education, healthcare, and community development. Learn more at www.owf.org.in


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