Manu Gandas, Shubhankar Sharma Struggle In First Round At Crans-Montana


Indian golfers Manu Gandas and Shubhankar Sharma faced a challenging start in the first round of the prestigious Crans-Montana tournament. As they teed off in the Swiss Alps, the golfers encountered difficulties navigating the course. In this article, we will delve into their performance and the factors contributing to their struggles in the opening round.

Manu Gandas’ Performance

Manu Gandas, a promising talent in Indian golf, faced a tough day on the course during the first round at Crans-Montana. His performance was marked by several struggles, including:

Putting Woes: Gandas encountered difficulties on the greens, with inconsistent putting affecting his overall score. Accurate putting is crucial in golf, and any issues in this area can lead to higher scores.

Fairway Accuracy: Maintaining accuracy off the tee is essential on the challenging Crans-Montana course. Gandas faced challenges in finding the fairways, leading to difficult approach shots.

Wind Conditions: Weather conditions, including the presence of strong winds, can greatly impact a golfer’s performance. Coping with varying wind speeds and directions can be a formidable challenge.

Shubhankar Sharma’s Struggles

Shubhankar Sharma, an accomplished Indian golfer with international experience, also encountered difficulties during the first round:

Putting Inconsistencies: Like Gandas, Sharma experienced difficulties on the greens, including missed putts that could have improved his score.

Approach Play: Accurate approach shots are crucial for success in professional golf. Sharma faced challenges in landing the ball close to the pin, leading to missed opportunities for birdies.

Adapting to Altitude: Crans-Montana is known for its high-altitude course, which can affect the flight of the golf ball. Players need to adjust their strategies and club selections accordingly.

Golf is a mentally demanding sport, and overcoming challenges on the course is part of the game. Both Gandas and Sharma have the talent and experience to bounce back in the subsequent rounds of the Crans-Montana tournament.


Manu Gandas and Shubhankar Sharma faced a challenging first round at the Crans-Montana tournament, but it’s important to remember that golf is a sport where performance can fluctuate from round to round. Both golfers have the skills and determination to recover and improve their scores in the upcoming rounds. As they continue to compete on the scenic Crans-Montana course, fans and supporters will eagerly await their resurgence in this prestigious event.

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