Opinion: Budget 2023 – What To Expect From PM Modi


As India prepares for its annual budget announcement, all eyes are on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government to unveil a comprehensive plan that addresses the nation’s economic challenges and sets the course for growth and development. The budget for 2023 is eagerly anticipated, given the backdrop of economic recovery post-COVID-19 and the need for sustained progress. In this opinion piece, we will discuss what to expect from PM Modi in the upcoming budget.

Focus on Economic Recovery: The foremost expectation from the budget is a clear roadmap for economic recovery. The COVID-19 pandemic has left its mark on India’s economy, and it’s crucial for the government to outline measures to boost growth, create jobs, and revive industries that have been hit hard.

Infrastructure Investment: The government is likely to continue its emphasis on infrastructure development. Investment in sectors like transportation, energy, and digital infrastructure can not only create jobs but also stimulate economic activity and improve connectivity across the country.

Healthcare and Education: With the lessons learned from the pandemic, a significant increase in healthcare spending is expected. This includes investments in healthcare infrastructure, research, and the healthcare workforce. Similarly, education is likely to receive attention, especially in terms of digital education infrastructure and quality improvement.

Agriculture and Rural Development: Given the importance of agriculture in India’s economy, there may be initiatives aimed at modernizing the sector, improving farmer income, and strengthening rural infrastructure. These measures can address rural distress and promote balanced economic growth.

Tax Reforms: The government may introduce tax reforms to simplify the tax structure, attract investments, and promote ease of doing business. This could include reducing corporate tax rates and simplifying the GST structure.

Sustainable Development: Expectations are high for the budget to address environmental sustainability and climate change. Measures to encourage renewable energy adoption, green infrastructure projects, and sustainable agriculture practices can be crucial for India’s future.

Digital Economy: Given the importance of digitalization in the post-pandemic world, the budget may include provisions to support the digital economy, promote innovation, and enhance cybersecurity.

Social Welfare: Social welfare programs and schemes to uplift marginalized communities and provide social safety nets are likely to continue. The government may allocate funds for healthcare coverage, housing, and skill development programs.

Fiscal Prudence: While addressing immediate challenges, the budget is expected to maintain fiscal prudence. Balancing economic recovery with fiscal responsibility is a challenging task that requires careful planning.

Global Engagement: In an increasingly interconnected world, the budget may include measures to strengthen India’s global engagement, including trade agreements, foreign direct investment, and initiatives to make India a favorable destination for international businesses.


The 2023 budget is a critical tool for India’s progress and recovery. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government faces the challenging task of addressing both immediate economic concerns and long-term development goals. The nation eagerly anticipates the government’s vision and strategy, hoping for a budget that not only navigates through current challenges but also sets the stage for India’s sustained growth and prosperity in the years to come. The success of the budget will depend on its ability to strike a balance between economic recovery and sustainable development, fiscal responsibility, and social welfare.

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