An Indian Non-Governmental Organization Among the Finalists for the 2022 Impact Award

“Samridh, an Indian NGO, has been named one of the finalists for the 2022 P3 Impact Award, sharing the spotlight with four other nonprofit organizations. The P3 Impact Award is an annual accolade presented by the Department of State and the University of Virginia Darden School of Business Institute for Business in Society.

This prestigious award acknowledges outstanding public-private partnerships (P3s) that offer innovative solutions to pressing global challenges. These challenges encompass various aspects, including promoting an equitable economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, enhancing access to education and quality healthcare, and harnessing emerging technologies to improve lives while addressing the climate crisis.

This year’s distinguished finalists include:

Plastics Solutions Alliance – Timor-Leste
School the World Community Schools – Guatemala, Honduras, and Panama
SAMRIDH Healthcare Blended Finance Facility – India
Partnership for Central America – United States of America
Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation – Global
These organizations represent a diverse range of initiatives and partnerships that are making a meaningful impact on a global scale. The P3 Impact Award serves as a testament to the collaborative efforts and innovative approaches employed by these nonprofits in addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues. It recognizes the pivotal role of public-private partnerships in effecting positive change and fostering a more sustainable and equitable future.”

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